Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Squirt Alert

Many friends have asked me about the little dog that we rescued four years ago. She's alive, looking healthy and happy thanks to the caretakers. They've taken excellent care of her and truth be told, she is their dog now. We love it when she comes scampering down the steps to our cabin panting, excitedly . We always have a warm spot in our hearts for Copita, the little cup. Our nickname for her is Squirt and she is just so cute.

Looking at the picture, they do kind of look alike. Don't they?

Landscaping around the steps has filled in a little.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Where Trees Grow Stars

Where to begin? Bill and I are back in Costa Rica after a two and a half-year hiatus. Hawaii, Zihuatanejo, Arizona and Utah were great. But why did we wait so long to come back to Costa Rica? One day back at the casitas and it's like we never left, except that the landscaping has since filled in lushly around us to spite a drier than normal dry season.

Most up time I'm just walking around in a lazy daze of amazement staring at the fascinating creatures popping in and out of sight, mainly birds, bugs and lizards. Wandering around the property, I'm enthralled with the variety, colors and shapes to the foliage and flora.

That brings me to the subject of this post- Stars. Star fruit that is. I was walking in back of the casitas and I got so excited, We have a star fruit tree! It 's blooming and fruiting now.

The blossoms of the star fruit tree are pink.

The star fruit is unique, tropical and delectably edible.