Monday, May 12, 2008

Welcome to our waterfalls and jungle trails!

The last post had Bill supervising a crew to build trails down to Solrisa’s waterfalls. The exciting news is that the crew cleared the path and cut earth stairs to the pools, making the way much easier. Consequently, Bill, Squirt and I took a hike.

The waterfalls are not very far away, only about a 20-minute hike, but it’s a steep trail. It’s well worth the effort the effort though. We have an upper and lower set of falls. The upper fall quickly slides down rocks into three refreshing pools. We are thinking of calling the upper fall Tres Charcas or Three Pools. The lower fall is much taller and wider, with one big pool and gigantic tree below it. Sorry, no pictures of the lower fall, but believe me, it's spectacular. It's a toss up for me whether I like the fall or the tree better. Together, they are a personal natural wonder.

The trails reveal the true beauty of a secondary low land jungle that is trying to rejuvenate itself from partial clearing which took place years before we owned the property.

Our plan for Solrisa, is to have rustic nature trails weaving in and out of the jungle so people can experience the sights, sounds and ocean views of this park-like jungle property.
The first fall

The deep, crystal clear second pool with the third pool in the background

A jungle path

Surrounded by Green